Breakfast time! It’s easy and classy, for when you want to impress but don’t have the time nor will to make pancakes. 

This verrine, top to bottom is made with:

- chocolate muesli 

- plain greek yogurt

- mango & peach apple sauce

Photo Set

Game of Thrones night! We were costumed, off course, but also went all the way to have accurate food, thanks to the blog Inn at the Crossroads and other ressources on the internet. Homemade honey mead, lemon cakes, honey cakes and a frangipane pie which recipe dates back to François the 1st. 
Savory food included all kinds of breads, rillettes, meat and salads. 



Craisins muffins to celebrate my last class of Market Studies! My classmates ate it all in two minutes.

Boring class vs Muffin
Victory by indigestion.

Source: pastaonthewall

Cinnamon roll goodness! A bit long to make but soooo worth it. 

Roulé à la cannelle : long à cuisiner mais ça en vaut la peine. 


Here’s a Nordic style madeleine: the spices inside (cardamom, cinnamon, clove and ginger) are typical of the Nordic Christmas pastries.

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Et hop, une petite madeleine nordique ! Les épices qui la parfument (cannelle, cardamome, clou de girofle et gingembre) sont typiques des pâtisseries de Noël dans le Grand Nord.

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Almond Madeleines! Recipe here.

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It’s hard to get quicker, simpler, healthier and tastier than this dessert. It’s called a “verrine” and it’s a glass filled with smashed strawberries, crunchy muesli and vanilla yogurt.

Difficile de faire plus rapide, sain, facile et délicieux que cette verrine à la purée de fraise, muesli croustillant et yaourt à la vanille.


First attempt at cupcakes! Orange cupcakes with a matching frosting.

Première tentatives de cupcakes, à l’orange avec un glaçage correspandant.


Strawberry tartlet - simplicity and perfection.

Tartelette à la fraise - simplicité et perfection.